What is MySuperskills all about


We want to help you reach your true potential!

Our goal is to be the leading online skill marketplace.

Designed to list not only your professional but also your

side hustle skills, to offer your holistic individual skill profile.

Our mission is to make it easier and safer for people to find the right person for the job.

The way we work, the type of work that we do, and the reason why we work, is changing rapidly

  • Remote working is becoming the norm
  • More and more people are reliant on multiple sources of income, because companies are downscaling and replacing jobs with robots
  • Many prefer the freedom and autonomy of working independently, to pursue their passions and dreams
Live your dreams

We see the whole person in you

You have so much potential

You are human, not a machine

You have a purpose and a passion

You want to be your best!

Be your best!



Show the world how many skills you have!


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