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Why choose MySuperSkills?

We are here to help you reach your true potential! Are you an accountant from Monday to Friday and a skilled carpenter on weekends? List both your professional competencies and the skills you apply when practising your favourite side hustle - earn an income from both.

Easy on-line registration
MySuperSkills has an easy online registration process to get you started!
Skills all in one place
MySuperSkills brings all your online profiles and skill sets into ONE place building a holistic YOU
Stand out from the crowd!
MySuperSkills promotes your social status rated by your peers and those that use your skills.
How it works

How it works

  • Create a free profile in minutes 
  • Add your professional and/or additional skills, side hustle skills, etc.
  • Get HIRED and earn extra income

It's that simple!

How the QR code works

With additional options to choose from:

How it works
  • Option to request a rating referral from your customers using your unique QR code and link
  • Option for additional features and benefits to stand out from the crowd & get hired
  • Option to create a sponsored profile for someone else through UjuziWangu.

Who can list their skills & get hired

  • Traditional freelancers searching for more projects and clients
  • Retirees looking to remain active and earn
  • Corporate employees looking for additional income streams
  • Remote or rural professionals not wanting to relocate in order to work
  • Parents looking for a flexible lifestyle
  • Students seeking income
  • Independent consultants exploring alternative opportunities
  • People looking to change careers or utilize additional skills
  • Anyone looking for more flexibility to suit their lifestyle and retain more control over their work schedules
  • Anyone who wants to help uplift and empower those in our society who don't have access to technology, by sponsoring a profile on their behalf through the UjuziWangu Foundation
Online skills marketplace

Balancing your skills

Balancing your skills

What are your “H” skills?

You have many skills.

Skills that earn you an income and

there are skills that give you a personal reward.

Human – Being a Mom, Dad, even a Grandparent in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, means you have acquired management skills that are applicable to multi-generational organisations.

Hustle – Traditional CV’s do not normally include your “side hustle” skills that we acquire, whether you know how to sell, create a basic website or do a competitor analysis. These are valuable skills can feature in your online profile.

Hobby – You have developed amazing skills through your hobbies. Perhaps it is gardening, pottery, baking, cooking or even YOGA – skills that can earn you an extra income!