Frequently asked questions

Getting started on MySuperSkills

How do I register a skill?
Go to to create an account.  You will be prompted to enter your email address and username, as well as your name and surname.  After clicking on “Create a new account”, you will receive a registration e-mail (so that we can make sure it is you!), which will provide you with a one-time login link.   Once logged in, you will be prompted to create a password.


I did not receive the registration email
Firstly, check your email spam folder.  Try resetting your password:

Perhaps you typed an incorrect email address – you can check this by trying to register again.  You will be notified if your email address already exists.


I forgot my username or password
Go to to reset your password.  You will be sent a on-time login link.


How do I update my email address?
Login and click on “My profile” on the top menu.  Then click on “Login details” in the sub menu.  You will be prompted to enter your Current password before you can change your email address or password


How do I update my Name and Surname?
Login and click on “My profile” on the top menu.  Then click on “Login details” in the sub menu.  


How do I change my password?
Login and click on “My profile” on the top menu.  Then click on “Login details” in the sub menu.  You will be prompted to enter your Current password before you can change your email address or password


How do I create a profile?
Once you have logged in, you can create your basic online profile in just a few minutes.  Click on “My profile” on the top menu, which will take you to the “Hello” page, which is your personal dashboard.  Click on “Create your online Profile”. You can enter information such as your personal Bio, your contact details, etc.  You can then build your profile out by adding your skills, experience, examples of your work, etc.  These action steps will appear under “Develop your profile”, which is on your “Hello” page, which can be accessed under the “My profile” menu.


How can I view and edit my profile?
Log in to your account. Under the “My profile” menu, you will see a sub menu – click on Profile to view and edit your profile.  You can also download and print your profile from there


How to add my SuperSkills?
Once you have logged in and created a profile, you can add your skills - either by the actions steps on the “Hello” page, which can be accessed under the “My profile” menu, or by going to the SuperSkills section in your Profile.


How do I view and edit my skills?
Go to the to the SuperSkills section in your Profile, which is found by going to the “My profile” menu, then clicking on the “Profile” submenu and scrolling down to the SuperSkills section.  Click on “Read more” to view your skill or on “Edit” to update your skill.


How can I get a rating score?
One of the great features of MySuperSkills is that you can request ratings and personal references from those who have made use of your skills! This is invaluable information about your network and is a great asset to hold when you market yourself and build out your Digital CV. 

Log in to your account. Under the “My profile” menu, you will see a sub menu – click on “Get Rated” (you need to create a Profile, before you can request a rating referral).  

Share your unique link via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and type a personal message to your contacts and ask them to rate your skills.  

Your ratings will automatically appear under your Profile.


What do I do if someone gives me a rating that I do not agree with?
Firstly and most importantly, reach out to the person who rated you and ask them about the rating and if they would kindly mind changing the rating.  Please keep in mind that we all see things slightly differently so someone might not agree with you.  Rather learn from this experience and try to improve your rating by providing good service.

If you feel that someone has given you a poor rating in bad faith, you can contact us using the contact form on the “About” page and state your case.  However, we will only under very rare and extreme circumstances remove a negative rating, as this can cast a negative light on the credibility of the MySuperSkills rating system.  We reserve the right to deny any rating take down request and our decision is final.


Why is my e-mail address not visible in my profile?
This is to protect your e-mail address from being collected by spammers.  The Inbox-me icon on your user profile is for people to make contact with you.  


How will I know if someone tries to contact me?
You will receive an e-mail with a link to your Inbox.  To view your inbox, Login and click on “My profile” on the top menu.  Then click on “Inbox" in the sub menu


What is the QR code used for?

Your unique MySuperSkills QR code is your digital calling card.   When someone scans this code with a mobile phone camera, it will take him or her directly to your skills profile. We encourage you to put this QR code on your CV, on your vehicle, shop, business cards etc.    MySuperSkills allows you to print your own business cards and will automatically add your QR code.


How will my personal data be protected?
We will never sell or give away your data without your consent – you are worth much more to us as a customer so the last thing that we want to do is to beak that trust!

You are in control of what personal data you upload to your skills profile – therefore take care that you do not upload sensitive personal information.   Your profile will be visible to users of this site and your CV will be made available to recruiters, if you so choose.   


Why should I ask people to rate me?
Build our Digital CV and use MySuperSkills to request ratings and references from people for whom you have done work for in the past. Ratings and references will feature in your MySuperSkills Digital CV. The higher your rating and the better the quality of your references, the more chances you will to get hired again.


Why should I become a Sponsor?
You may know of someone who has done work for you who you would highly recommend to others but who does not have access to internet.   You can give someone a boost by creating a profile on their behalf (with their consent of course!)  MySuperSkills has specifically created the Ujuziwangu Foundation, where sponsors like you, can rate and recommend a skill that typically relies on word of mouth networking.

Log in to your account on the right pane on your personal home page you will see a tab indicating “Sponsor a profile for someone else” click to button to update the details of the skill and person you are promoting.


How will I get paid?
Payment for your services will be directly between you and the person who hired you.  MySuperSkills does not take a cut!  Don’t forget to ask for a referral rating when your work is completed!!


How do I get the best from the MySuperskills site?
We recommend a monthly subscription, which allows you, our community user more features and benefits.  See our pricing plans for more details

You will need to be a valid credit cardholder, to be billed monthly.  Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. If you have a Payfast account (which we encourage you to register on PayFast), you can manage all these payment and subscriptions details yourself.


Questions to our Why?

What is a SuperSkill?
Any skill that you can offer to receive an income or skills you would like to offer as a personal reward. It could be a job skill (such as a web designer, builder or painter), a part time side hustle (for example babysitting) or even a hobby or craft (such as woodworking, knitting, baking, etc.).  In short, any skill that can earn you an income legally.


How do I define my SuperSkill?
Our recommendation is ask yourself these quick questions;

  • Do others need my skill?
  • Can I get paid or some form of personal reward for this skill?
  • Is there market demand for my skill?

If you have answered yes, then list your skill(s) on MySuperSkills now and start earning.


What are “H” Skills?
We believe your value lies not only in your professional skills, but also your human (soft) skills, your side hustle as well as your hobbies and other interests.

  • Human skills are your softer skills, such as mentoring someone, being an informal coach or maybe a maths tutor.  These emotional type – human type skills are much needed in the world and this can be donated or even traded for financial reward.
  • Hustle skills the latest trend, in the US, Side Hustle Nation has reported that 45% of Americans have reported they have a side hustle. That’s an estimated 70 million people, Africa we predict will soon follow this growing phenomenon. What’s your hustle?
  • Hobbies are fun but can also earn you an extra income. Whether you a dressmaker or a muffin baker, there is someone out there who is willing to pay for your skill.


What makes MySuperSkills different from other similar sites?
While there are many excellent skills sites out there, each one has a slightly different focus - such as professional skills, freelancers, repair services, etc. 

Our aim is to bring together a holistic skills profile that includes all your other skills outside of your normal job, because we are not meant to be put into boxes.  For example, someone may be working as a call centre agent during the day, but his or her true passion is to become a landscaper. 


What makes the MySuperSkills profile different from normal CV’s?
The bulk content of traditional CV’s is based on the work history, education, etc. – written from the point of view of the employee in their normal formal work experience, but usually contains very little about who the actual person is, how others rate them, etc.  MySuperSkills is turning traditional CV’s on its head by putting the emphasis on the ratings and references of others and the holistic skills profile of the person.


Still not convinced?  Why not give it a try? You can sign up for free now.