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Use of this web site is subject to the terms contained herein and as may be posted on the web site from time to time. By using the MySuperSkills web site you are automatically bound by these terms, irrespective if you have agreed to do so or not. If you do not accept the terms and/or conditions stated here, please do not use this website.


The terms "you" and "user(s)" as used herein refer to all individuals and/or entities accessing this website.


MySuperSkills (Pty) Ltd  (hereinafter referred to as “MySuperSkills”) grants registered and anonymous users the right to access related content on this website, subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, as well as any specific terms and conditions that MySuperSkills may apply from time to time.


MySuperSkills reserves all rights. We have the right to limit use, and restrict, suspend, block, revoke and/or remove access to the MySuperSkills website at our sole discretion. We may modify, suspend or discontinue the site, whether temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.


MySuperSkills excludes, to the extent lawfully permitted, all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising out of the use of this web site.


You need to be of legal working age, hold valid work permit(s) and be fully tax compliant in the county(ies) and/or jurisdiction(s) in which you are working or reside, in order to advertise or provide your skills and services on this site.   Nothing herein shall be interpreted as contrary to applicable labour and tax laws and regulations.  You hereby agree to fully indemnify MySuperSkills for your acts and/or omissions in this regard.  


Many of the articles, blogs and comments published on MySuperSkills have been independently written by subscribers. The views of subscribers published on MySuperSkills are their own and as such do not represent the views of MySuperSkills . Information used from this website is at your own risks we cannot offer any guarantees ad accept any form of liability whatsoever. We reserve the right to edit or delete content, but we cannot be held responsible for failure to do so. Please report any abuse or violation.


From time to time this web site may include adverts and/or links to other web sites in order to enhance the interest of featured content. This does not imply that MySuperSkills endorses such content and thus assumes no responsibility for the content of such web site(s).


The design of the web site including pages, content, logo's and layout are owned by MySuperSkills and/or third parties and may be subject to certain copyright and/or license restrictions.


MySuperSkills does not intentionally infringe on any copyrights in the programs and other material used on this web site. However as we do not have direct control over the content (e.g. photographs and information) uploaded to our website by our users, we cannot be held liable for any such copyright infringement. If you believe that any content herein is infringing on copyright please notify us in writing as soon as possible.


You use this website at your own risk. No warranties, implied or otherwise, shall be made by MySuperSkills regarding the performance of the site or the services provided therein.


You should exercise EXTREME CAUTION before making any form of payment or entering into any agreement or contract with any another party or person(s).  You should also exercise EXTREME CARE and take NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS for your own PERSONAL SAFETY before meeting someone or letting them onto your property.




You should at all times be ALERT AND VIGILANT to the various forms of SCAMS and FRAUDULENT activities that doing the rounds on the internet.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Various job scams doing the rounds. For example, fake jobs are advertised and then you are requested to make a payment with your job application.  No-one should ever be asking you for payment to apply for a job!
  • Fraudulent emails that get sent by senders that pretend to act on behalf of MySuperSkills or someone else, which may include malware in attachments, phishing or other forms of scam to trick someone into disclosing their personal and / or banking or credit card details.  
  • Fake payments to your bank account for which refunds are demanded. 
  • You are advised to request suitable proof of ownership (e.g. ID documents, proof of residence, municipal rates accounts, property deeds, etc) to verify the authenticity of the person(s) that you are dealing with.
  • Warning: COVID-19 scams and a number of other scams are currently doing the rounds.  Do your homework and be extra vigilant!!


You are responsible for keeping your username , password, personal and banking / credit card details secure. You shall be responsible for any activity or transactions performed under your username and hereby indemnify MySuperSkills of all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising from unlawful access to your account.  MySuperSkills will NEVER request personal and / or banking or credit card details, login name and password details, or similar information from you via e-mail, sms, whatsapp, telephone or similar. 


User information and credentials provided during registration must be accurate and kept up to date;

  • you shall not provide any false or misleading information and/or credentials;
  • you shall at all times comply with all applicable legal or regulatory requirements and constraints in regard to your access to and use of the MySuperSkills services and the available services, failing which you may not access the MySuperSkills website or the available services;
  • you shall not use or permit the use of the MySuperSkills website for any illegal or unlawful purpose;
  • you shall monitor all actions and functions performed by you or on (or purportedly on) your behalf on the MySuperSkills website and that you shall notify MySuperSkills in writing of any irregularity or mistake within 24 hours of your notice thereof;
  • you acknowledge that you are prohibited from utilising MySuperSkills services to compromise the security or tamper with the information, data, resources, accounts or records of any person or organisation;
  • you may not resell any content, nor may you use the content for monetary gain, unless permitted to do so in writing by MySuperSkills ;
  • your right to access the MySuperSkills website and the content and information contained on or accessible from the MySuperSkills website, does not in any way convey or transfer any rights in or to the intellectual property rights of the MySuperSkills website, any content, or in any of the trade marks, copyright, registered designs, patents, domain names and rights, know-how and confidential information, trade secrets or any other intellectual property right which may vest in MySuperSkills or in the service provider or author, compiler, creator or licensor of such content;
  • you have no right in or claim to any MySuperSkills or service provider trade marks, logos, brands, domain names and/or other marks and/or intellectual property relating to the MySuperSkills website or any service provider website; or any content or any available service (which shall remain the sole property of MySuperSkills and/or the relevant service provider and/or licensor).


Privacy of information:

Please read our Privacy Policy and Notice



MySuperSkills is a platform for users to personally advertise user profiles and information to the public and users agree that they do this on their own behalf and take full responsibility for the content posted, personal safety and the legality of labour or any other agreements entered into between themselves and other users of this platform.


Nothing on this web site shall be construed as an offer of employment by MySuperSkills or any other offer whatsoever. 


Any and all offers of work, employment or any other form of agreement shall be solely between the parties making use of this website platform and not legally bind MySuperSkills in any manner.


MySuperSkills in not a labour broker, consultant, agent or intermediary and no labour contract shall be deemed to have been entered into between MySuperSkills and any other party by using this site.  Notwithstanding, nothing on our website shall suggest to mean or be interpreted otherwise.


MySuperSkills shall not be held liable for the payment of fair and or minimum wages, nor shall we be liability for any payment or withholding of any such payments between parties.


MySuperSkills shall not be liable for any income tax, Value Added Tax or any other statutory taxes on behalf of any users of this platform.


MySuperSkills reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time by updating this page, without the need to post notification that such terms have changed. You are responsible for reviewing these terms during use of our website and your continued use of our website constitutes your acceptance of these terms.


If any specific terms of use appear on the MySuperSkills website in regard to all or a portion of the content displayed on or accessible from the MySuperSkills website, which specific terms of use conflict with any of these terms and conditions, then the specific terms shall prevail in regard to such content.


Your use of this web site and any dispute arising out of the web site is subject to the laws of South Africa. Any dispute arising out of the use or publication of this web site is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa.


For further details on the Electronic Communication and Transactions Act of 2002, see


You shall be responsible to immediately notify MySuperSkills of any security breach or violation of these terms,  or of any other suspicious or fraudulent activity that may come to your attention.  This is for you own protection as well as the other users of this website.


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Last Updated: June 2022